Treat Yourself to self care during the dog days of summer!

There are no lunches to pack, no school buses to race to, and no after-school activity shuttling…this can only mean one thing- summer is here…and at this point almost over!!! You have packed up your children and sent them off to their various wilderness adventures, and then it dawns on you…suddenly you have freetime!

Parenting takes a lot out of you. You are constantly focused on your children, putting their needs in front of yours. You have probably been sacrificing your own self care for quite some time without even realizing it! The benefits of taking some time aside for yourself are undeniable. Research has shown that acts of self care have the possibility to destress you, enrich you physically, spiritually, emotionally, and improve your long term health overall. Here are some self care options for you to play around with this summer.

Go away! Maybe far far away…without having to travel with children or provide childcare, the world really is your oyster. So get back to planning that trip to Asia or Europe you have been putting off- and have yourself a summer travel experience to remember. Traveling takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to grow and see the world in a new and spectacular light.

On the flipside…don’t go away! We’ve all heard the term staycation, but in this instance we want you to mean it. Sleep in, order food delivery, catch up on Netflix, order more food, don’t put on pants for a day…whatever it is that relaxes you- do it, a lot of it. Enjoy having space to yourself and try to appreciate your alone time to its fullest- who knows when you will get this opportunity again!

Pamper yourself! Besides the downright decadent relaxation that massages bring about, they offer great health benefits for your muscles and circulation. Not a massage person? Get a facial! Most importantly, get yourself to a spa and treat yourself to self care! La Perla Med Spa offers many treatment options that will help you achieve the deep relaxation your body and soul need. The physical benefits of these treatments are wonderful, but also keep in mind that the mind/body connection is real. This type of physical relaxation will give your mind the time it needs to rest and recuperate from your busy life.

Get Moving! The benefits of physical activity are just as important as relaxation is. Aside from being great for your overall health, exercise has been shown to produce mood boosting endorphins. Use this spare time to try a new physical activity you’ve been reading about, take gym classes you didn’t have time for in the past, you can even just take a hike and enjoy being outside.

Self care is important. The benefits that come from “treating: yourself can have long term effects on not just your happiness, but also those who you surround yourself with. We know miss your kids, but they’ll be home before you know it. This is your time, enjoy it. We believe you can!


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