Struggling with resistant body fat? Us too! Our state of the art laser is essential in helping with stomach fat reduction.

We all have areas of our body that seem resistant to getting lean and it feels as if no matter how hard we struggle we see no stomach fat reduction. In many cases there is a thin layer of fat that covers the muscles we work so hard for. Be it genetics, stress, diet, etc…there are many outlying reasons as to why we cannot get rid of stubborn body fat and therefore we no stomach fat reduction.

The BodyFx and MiniFx that we have at La Perla Med Spa is designed specifically to target these stubborn areas. Stomach fat reduction is one of our most requested appointments. It works by using a combinations of deep tissue heating, suction and negative pressure coupled with radio frequency pulses. The combination of these energies distributes heat ro the underlying fat and the pulse then contracts it. Essentially this is the science behind the non-invasive body contouring we can provide for and for your stomach fat reduction.

Other than a light pulling sensations and subtle warming of the skin BodyFx and MiniFx does not cause pain or discomfort. On that same note- there is absolutely no downtime after your procedure. We recommend 6 to 8 weekly sessions for optimal results, and offer packages with discounts. If you have been struggling with fat and cellulite and are interested in earning more about stomach fat reduction, set up your consultation at La Perla Med Spa today!


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