Some myths about laser hair removal and the truths behind them.

The internet is a vast place with a lot of information….in fact, you are on it right now! Let the La Perla Med Spa experts guide you and fill you on on what you really need to know about laser hair removal. This way you too can be an expert on laser hair removal- rely on yourself and not the internet to guide you!

Myth: People with darker skin cannot get laser hair removal.
This is definitely FALSE. With the technology advancement in the laser hair removal world there is no skin color, or hair texture that is off limits to lasers. New machines and specific settings make it possible for anyone who wants to do laser hair removal to have that option.

Myth: Only dark hair works with laser hair removal.
Much like the skin myth…this also has gone around for too long. Perhaps early on the machines worked better on darker hair, but the technology of laser hair removal is so advanced that there is a machine fit for everyone. Don’t let having lighter hair scare you away from a laser hair removal consultation.

Myth: You must be extremely close shaven before you laser hair removal treatment.
While a close shave is definitely recommended, you will not be turned away if you come in with some hair in the areas you are looking to treat. Your technician can help with hair removal, most people find it easier to do it on their own, and it will also shorten your appointment time significantly.

Whatever concerns you have about laser hair removal…our amazing team at La Perla Med Spa has answers for you. Set up your consultation today!


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