Forma Skin Tightening

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What is Forma?

Forma is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure that uses radio frequencies and heat to improve skin elasticity and increase levels of collagen.

How does Forma work?

The Forma electrode attachments channel radio frequencies into the skin, temporarily changing the structure of your collagen bands. The energy created generates heat, encouraging collagen production. 

Is Forma right for me?

Forma is a highly effective, natural looking option for patients seeking to improve the elasticity and tightness of skin on their face or body. Unlike other procedures that focus on specific areas, Forma works on virtually every body part and is appropriate for patients of all skin types. 

What are the benefits of undergoing a procedure with Forma?

Forma is versatile procedure that improves skin tightness, texture and wrinkles. Commonly treated areas include the forehead, eyelids, jowls, neck, arms and abdomen. In addition to versatile, Forma procedures are:

  • Safe for all skin types
  • Capable of producing Immediate results
  • Non invasive
  • Long lasting

How do I prepare for my Forma procedure? 

Consider using sunscreen for the weeks leading up to treatment. Undergoing forma skin tightening with sensitive or sunburned skin can be painful and may force you to reschedule treatment. In addition, be sure to stay hydrated prior to your appointment. Hydrated skin heals more quickly and may encourage faster results. 

What can I expect during treatment?

Your specialist will start by cleaning off your skin and marking the areas designated for treatment. Next, he/she will apply a cool, numbing gel to the area. The Forma device will then be pressed against your skin, generating a warm sensation similar to a massage oil. The device will be moved in circles over the treatment area for around 30 minutes, during which your skin temperature will be monitored to prevent potential discomfort. Once finished, your specialist will wash away the gel and apply moisturizer and sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful sun exposure. Note that your skin may initially appear red following treatment but should dissipate within a few hours. 

What precautions should I take following treatment? 

Avoid exposing the affected area to hot water for 2 days following treatment. In addition, consider applying moisturizer to the skin for 2-3 days after each Forma session to encourage healing. 

How long does it take to see results? 

This varies on a case by case basis. Patients with simple cases may experience significant results after 1-2 sessions. Patients with more complex cases may require additional treatments over a 6-8 week period to see desired results. 

How many appointments are required to complete Forma skin tightening?

After the initial treatment process, patients will need to schedule maintenance appointments once every 2-3 months to increase collagen production and preserve skin firmness. 

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