Preventative Botox- have we finally figured out a way to freeze time?

Most of us think of Botox as something you don’t need until you’re much older…but at La Perla Med Spa our team swears by preventative Botox. Meaning, if you start treatments at a younger age, it is likely that the wrinkles you fear so much, may not develop at all.

To truly understand why preventative Botox is a technique we recommend, we must start by understanding the science behind wrinkles. Essentially you develop wrinkles because with time, the skin weakens – and therefore cannot effectively “bounce back” from the natural folding which occurs when laughing, smiling, furrowing your brow, and all the other motions your face makes on a regular basis…that are more or less out of your control.

Botox targets what are considered the dynamic wrinkles- meaning, the wrinkles that are caused by repetitive muscle movements. By freezing the muscles with Botox you can prevent these wrinkles from forming, and this is where preventative Botox comes into play. Doctors can often tell when it will be beneficial for someone in their 20’s or 30’s to get preventative Botox. If someone purses their lips often or has a natural brow furrow- they can really benefit from these treatments which start at a younger age.

Preventative Botox starts when the first fine lines become visible. Annual to 6 month visits while help keep these muscles paralyzed and preserve the unlined skin you currently have. Also- don’t think that starting injectables at a young age means you will be hooked for life…the idea of preventative Botox is that starting younger means you actually will need less correction in the future since the wrinkles do not form at the rate that they would have naturally.

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