Is symmetry beautiful? Find out with lip injections!

It’s hard to know what makes a beautiful face, and generally beauty is in the eye of the beholder…But, there have been scientific studies that show the human eye is drawn to symmetry. So, what is to be done if your face is not symmetrical? No worries, science has an answer for that too. Lip injections and fillers in general can be a great way to add dimension to your face and correct any symmetry issues you feel you have.

To define what beautiful is can be quite complicated, but we know the we are drawn to attractive people. We are in no way suggesting using lip injections or fillers to make yourself look different, simply to enhance your natural beauty. Under the guidance of a well trained doctor, like our very own Dr. Deb Petrowsky at La Perla Med Spa there are many options for subtle changes using top of the line modern science and technology, and of course the talented eye of our physician.

If you look at the way society perceives models and actresses our instinct is to watch them closely…potentially aspire to be like them in certain ways. While we have always had access to things like new hairstyles, wardrobe upgrades, etc…the past few years science and technology has given us so much more to work with. Now, as a reminder- we are all perfect the way we are…but let’s face it, we all have personal upgrades we would like to make. If you are considering using lip injections or fillers to enhance your natural beauty…come by La Perla Med Spa for a consultation!


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