8 of the best things to do around the Ironbound…

Spend the day in Newarks’s beautiful Ironbound neighborhood!

The Ironbound is a unique neighborhood in Newark with a rich history and intricate cultural tapestry. Named for the rail tracks which surround and carve out the neighborhood borders, the Ironbound’s proximity to New York City and convenient location on the Passaic River once made it a hotbed center for industries such as tanning, brewing and dye production. This bustling mini-metropolis drew a lot of attention from people immigrating to the United States as a close alternative to the pricey city across the river. Portugese and Brazilians were the most numerous to come to the area, and their influence remains strong and thriving within the Ironbound. The distinctive community that has developed within the rails of the Ironbound offers an array of authentic cuisine, entertainment, and nightlife to be enjoyed by all. Treat yourself do a day in the Ironbound…here is how the locals pass the time. 


  1. Start your morning right with some unbelievable treats from Texiera’s Bakery! Boasting some of the best pasteis de nata outside of Portugal, you can enjoy these egg-y custard cups with a nice strong cup of coffee. 
  2. Get your culture on at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. Dance, music, art, and education all come together in this urban oasis of cultural development. As a non-profit organization, NJPAC finds the most creative and artistic ways to support the cultural community in the Ironbound and Newark as a whole. Learn more about their community programs!
  3. Snack time! The Portuguese are known for their  delicious array of seafood. One of the favorite local spots is Seabra’s Marisqueira. Between the assortment of grilled fresh fish, garlicky soaked shrimp, and the distinct flavor of langoustines, you will literally be drowning in options! What will your order?
  4. Do you like soccer?? So do we! Hit up the Red bull arena for some adrenaline packed matches. Find out what’s in store this season
  5. A good way to decompress after a crazy match is take a stroll in one of the Ironbound’s beautiful parks. Nestled along the Passaic River you will find options like the Riverbank Park and the Riverfront stroll. With stunning views of the Manhattan skyline it is a lovely respite from the hustle and bustle of the Ironbound.
  6. While you have that whole relaxation vibe going on- swing by La Perla Med Spa for some self-care. With an array of massages, facials, and anti-aging treatments, La Perla Med Spa has the perfect plan to suit all of your needs. Get pampered in our beautiful modern facility with out wonderfully talented staff …you won’t regret it!
  7. Now that you have beautified and relaxed it is time to get some dinner! Since you had your fill of seafood earlier, we recommend the other  Portuguese meat treats and head over to Fernandes Steakhouse! Beyond the excellent service and beautiful ambiance- there are more meats offered than they eye can imagine…this place is a carnivore’s dream!
  8. You’re fed, you’ve relaxed, you’ve taken in the sights…time to unwind and let loose in the Ironbound’s booming nightlife. Enjoy pitchers of sangria and live music at Vivos. This place always has the right vibe!

Enjoy your day in the Ironbound…we know you will be back.


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